A little about me...

A little about me...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. If I could describe myself, well I’d say I’m a  regular guy, someone who is outgoing and willing to do things for others.

I also struggle with a little bit of depression about self confidence and motivating myself to go further, over my life span I’ve created a negative image of myself, not being able see the positives in life.

The most amazing man in my life, my partner Mitch, has taught me not to worry about future events, just live in the now. (He also has a really neat blog over at mitchmanguy.com).

Some of my interests are photography, music, computer system frameworks. (This very website is being hosted on a Raspberry pi. You can stick it in your pocket!).

Just wanted to write something, wanting to link this up to as i post on Instagram, if you haven’t followed me fallow me on twitter and Instagram.